Update Types:


  • This is for advanced members of the app.
  • You can install the Alpha update manually.
  • Latest Version.
  • Test features.

Alpha means an unstable edition of the application. At any moment, it can show a connection error and stop working. But you may experience the freshest features of the app before it is officially released. If you want to enjoy development mod features then install it.


  • Preferred for advanced users.
  • Updated automatically, but for now also in beta.
  • Updates less frequently than in alpha.

Beta is better as compared to Alpha because it is more stable. If you not wanna face any bugs, or errors, install this edition and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Currently, Abbasi TV is constantly in Beta Stable. And you can update the new BETA version when developers bring new changes.

12.8 Stable:

  • New channel links updates.
  • Fixed broken links.
  • New events added.
  • The official website is introduced.

12.7 Stable:

  • UI improved.
  • Chat support improved.